Sports Card Geography!

Sports card geography is a great coursework spicer.

Places to locate, plot, and survey. Satellite images to research. Topography to scope out and contour maps to draw. And more!

    Map Reading
    Travel and Route Planning
    Assigning Values
    Scale, Keys, and Legends
    Transportation and Community Access

You’ll want a humongous map of North America, or the world if you're ambitious, for this part. Older students might also need road maps, bus or plane schedules, tourist information packages, and demographic information.

You can integrate your course’s computer research skills across the curriculum along with a few other skill sets like:

    Community Involvement
    Computer Research
    Diagramming & Sketching
    Group Work
    Presentation & Reporting
    Short & Long Term Projects

Here are some activity sets to try out with your students. Modify and add these to your bag of teaching ideas.

Set 1 Individual, Surveys, Data collection, Hypothesis

From a small set of sports cards, plot the birthplaces of players on a map.

From Junior grade, individual students or small groups can continue forward from plotting birthplaces.
* Are there clusters of plot points?
* What geographic patterns can you see?

Set 2 Individual, Data collection, large group presentation

What aerial photographs and/or satellite images can students locate to
and present information about best transportation routes for players to move from family home to professional team location?

Choose any two transportation systems or combinations and present choices to class.

Set 3 Regional research, Data choice, Presentation, Discussion

Choose a major geographic feature in your region and create a riddle about it that would make a great corner challenge for the back of a player’s card.

Visit the website of the appropriate regional government. Find another two facts online about your geographic or geologic region that would provide good names for a new team.

Sports cards from different sports as well as other countries present even more opportunities for broader student research, surveys, data collection, hypothesis, and presentation.

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