Enrich and Enliven Your Classes
With Real World Content Literacy!

Mine materials already familiar to students to build on everyday content literacies.

This site includes hands-on examples of which Real World materials work well in your subject. Spin them to advantage for new, educational, and customized content literacy. You will also learn many of the reasons these teaching ideas work so successfully.

Ask yourself —

    What if you could focus your students’ out-of-school literacies on your course of study?

    What if you could work in content literacy skill sets from their games and toys? As educational content literacies?

Whether you choose Real World components from
sports cards
comic books
model kit and toy assembly instructions
• coupons, cereal boxes, tickets, and more
you can harness the power these everyday materials generate in your classroom. Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade. TESL.

You can help students make connections to apply everyday skills and content literacy to their School World.

I first used the teaching strategies on this site with 2nd and 3rd graders who spoke little English fluently. Eight months later, they achieved standardized test scores of reading/response levels from 5th to 11th grade.

Of course, the path was not smooth. I alienated my school principal when we emptied our desks of textbooks and passed them to the back of the room. Only the year-end results saved my job. But all I could think was… what if?

    What if I could mine that Real World content advantage they had?

    What if I could show them that what they already knew was valuable and a jump-start on what we had to master in School World?

    What if I could show them how School World content would assist them?

It just seemed so logical to me. Who knew where we could go together?

Where we went together was right through the specific objectives we needed to meet – the course requirements for their promotion. And, of course, the end to my first year probation.

What I learned propelled me into a lifelong study of learning acquisition and launched me on my quest to understand
• what worked best
• why it worked
• how to reinforce skill and literacy sets
• how to share what I learned with others – students, teachers, parents.

So, if you are —

    Teacher or Parent
    New or Experienced
    Student looking for a creative edge
Let me help you increase your effectiveness in building cross-curricular skills and in expanding interdisciplinary content literacy.

Ready? Let’s blow some minds together!

Content Literacy Blog
Advocating improvement in content literacy across the curriculum from students' everyday skill with authentic content - from sports cards and comics to toys and videogames.
Board-games engage students in layers of everyday literacies that teachers can access for every course of study.
Comic Book Content Literacies
Take advantage of comic book content components to expand cross-curricular skills from everyday student literacies for integrated unit teaching.
Menu Content Literacies
Involve students' everyday menu content literacies to build cross-curricular facility with tables and indexes in integrated unit teaching.
Sports Card Content Literacies
Sports card content engages everyday student literacies for teaching advantage and impact across the curriculum.
Integrate Real World Content
Integrate Real World content into your teaching units to take advantage of everyday student literacies and deepen cross-curricular connections.
Toys and Model Kits
Toys and model kits engage students in assembly skill sets that accent spatial literacy for cross-curricular advantage.
Library Skills
Library skills expand everyday student literacies for teaching advantage and impact across the curriculum.
Education Research
Education research and theory direct educators' attention to details vital to understanding and to finding teaching solutions.
Interdisciplinary education specialist and writer, Barbara Bondar, promotes Real World content advantages for deepening cross-curricular literacies and skill sets.
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