About Us

Barbara Bondar

Born in Sault Ste Marie, a city with an international boundary running through it, Barbara has studied, taught, and published in both Canada and the United States of America. The praise her work has won in each category has encouraged her to continue to study, teach, and publish. All over the place. Which only encourages her to do more of it.

This site is based on her belief and repeated observations that Real World content is the stuff that teachers’ dreams are made of. The forty-four students in her very first class steered her in this direction and must ultimately share responsibility for Barbara’s path through School Game, a subject on which she is quite vocal. As is her dislike of textbooks as principal classroom teaching material.

Apart from all that, Barbara enjoys comic books, formal dress shirts, movie noir, theater noir, and new Real World formats. She is always on the lookout for teaching advantages of any kind in Real World technologies.

There is a bit more.

For a vigorous outline of professional paths, sample career highlights and publications: Click here to read the PDF in your browser or right-click to download it.