Menu Survey!

Gauge students’ familiarity with a simple, fun menu survey. Together, build a list of locations in which they might find food menus.

These might include:

    bowling alleys
    catering trucks
    concession stands at city parks and picnic grounds
    ferries and ships
    office buildings and towers
    restaurants – chain or neighborhood
    shopping malls
    soda fountains in department and other stores
    specialty houses (one to six meal choices only)
    sports arenas, rinks, stadiums, and outdoor playing fields

Ask students to bring in a copy of a favorite menu. If you want to work online, students will find menus there of local and regional favorites, as well as those from national restaurant chains.

How is the menu arranged?

In a small group, compare your menu with others. How are they similar?

    Similarities will include:
    some form of organization
    grouping by food items
    list of food items
    prices on the right side.

What non-food features can you find on a restaurant menu?

    These may include:
    a cover design
    history of restaurant/owner/chef
    menu focused on a special population/age group
    something to occupy children or adults.

What special offer would you add to a menu that appeals to you? This could be a special pricing on a special day during a specific time or a combination offer.

Name this new offer. What food items are included?

Choose descriptive words and phrases that would tempt others to order it.

What price would you set for your special?

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