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in Menu Language Study!

Review the menus brought into class or found online for terrific menu language study.
* From these menus, list two to three dozen words and phrases that describe the menu items.
* Which descriptions do you like best?

What is your favorite item on the school cafeteria menu?
* How could you improve the school menu with added description of items?
* Add descriptions to your school cafeteria menu items.

Create one new item, or combo, you would like to see added to the school menu.
* Create a special name for it and...
write a description of the new dish that includes information about ingredients, how it is prepared, and how it tastes...
with a special introductory price.

If you do not have a school cafeteria, create a menu item wish list!

In a small group, add items to create a menu of ten to twelve choices that would appeal to the widest possible range of students.
Add to the appeal of each with a written description of the food!
Plus realistic price.

Create a “signature” or specialty school lunch dish – like “The Sophomore Wipe-Out Special" or "Kindergarten Fingerbord".

In a small group, list the best places to post the new menu for best views by the most students and teachers. Explain your choice of menu locations.

    These might include:
    - sandwich board menu at entrance to cafeteria
    - wall-mounted menu inside the cafeteria where lines are formed
    - overhead menu above or to the rear of the servery.

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