Build a Specialty Menu Market!

In a small group, create a specialty menu market.

    Is this a specific age group?
    Have they specific occupations?
    Hobbies or other interests?
    * Athletes
    * Skateboarders
    * Kids/Teens
    * Wi-Fi users
    * Math teachers
    * Tourists
    * other...

From a shortlist of names that reflect your restaurant type and the customer group you expect to serve, choose the best name with a group vote.

What food specialties will you choose for your customer market:

    Ethnic flare
    Fast/Slow foods
    Signature foods –
    Onions! Ice Cream! Mushrooms!

What menu sections will work best for your restaurant? Include some or all from:

    Appetizers / Antipastos / Tapas
    Soup(s) of the day
    Salads and/or salad bar
    Entrée /main dishes [sectioned or not]:
    Entrée inclusions +/- side orders + breads
    Beverages (non-alcoholic)

What special menu features might you build in to add customer appeal?

Include some or all from:

    Specials [for season/festival/etc]
    Special(s) of the Day
    Chef Recommendations
    History +/- photos/sketches of location/neighborhood/etc.
    Bios of namesake/owners +/- photos/portraits
    Early Bird/After Theatre/etc.
    Special Diet Section for:
    * Low fat/Low Calorie/Low sugar
    * Heart Smart Specials
    * Vegetarian

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