Do you accept Board or Systems level contracts?

We consider contracts at most levels. Our focus would be on the implementation of authentic text studies or some form(s) of Real World content application for scholastic or academic purpose.
Examples from past projects include:

    • cross-panel, interdisciplinary comic book units that integrate authentic text from print and software, along with staff-built, criterion-referenced assessment guidelines

    • community-accessible, mixed-age, interdisciplinary, non-fiction writing support for project building from topic selection to mixed media production planning

    • interdisciplinary reading / writing integrations with staff-built, departmental, criterion-referenced assessment devices

    • information, storage, and retrieval / research and data management workshops for departmental guideline and resource development for student/patron use

    • workshop/seminar for crafting classroom media text sets

    • development of open-ended, multi-use sheetwork/response vehicles with interdisciplinary potential

    • workshop/seminar for integrating Real World data collection, evaluation, synthesis for response vehicles

Do you produce school workshops?

We limit school workshops to developmental efforts within Board or Systems level contracts.

We work with team leaders already in place within a system and support their workshops and integrations.

Occasionally, however, when a project intrigues us, we will work online with single departments to add to/join brainstorming, discussions of unit features, presentation considerations, assessment techniques, etc.

Are you accepting new subject materials development?

In either an advisory role or as pre-production project reviewers, we will assist writing guidelines, objectives, and provide direction for series modules.

If the project is interdisciplinary in scope with a large enough reach, we would also consider developing application toolkits for a specific Real World content format since that fits well into our present website focus.

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