Environmental Text or Authentic Text?

What is the difference between "environmental text" and "authentic text"?

Are they the same or is there some detail I'm missing?

Real World reply: Environmental text and authentic text are similar terms whose differences speak more about investigative mindset and pedagogic intent.

A good example of environmental text is the rock concert poster we find taped to a lamp post. It is filled with information in word and image.

When we bring that poster into a classroom, its text (word and image) is what we study.

Authentic Text is any material that exists in the Real World and brought into the classroom for study. We make this "brought into the classroom" point because there would be no reason to use the term "authentic" if it weren't used in comparison with materials that were created for classroom use in School World and, therefore, "inauthentic" in the Real World.

Real World content brought into a classroom provides authentic text for study and analysis by the learner with teacher guidance.

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Sep 25, 2015
by: Denny

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