Curriculum Ideas Feedback

by Peter D

I just love your curriculum ideas! I'm immediately drawn to the sports cards, comic books and models pages.

Real World reply: Hey, Peter, so glad you love our curriculum ideas. Of course, they have come from real teachers working with real students.

We take teaching from everyday literacies seriously on this site. And we have fun with it! Learning is easier and easier is faster from familiar things. Familiarity lessens anxiety. When anxiety lessens comprehension increases!

The everyday literacies we talk about are apparently simple when we use content like "sports cards" or comic books" or "toys and model kits". The everyday literacies employed are actually intricate and complex when we try to explain their interconnectivity and discuss how we believe them to work.

That is why we have sections on Real World content and other sections on information access and still other sections on educational research and theory. These are interconnected. Using Real World content in a classroom, we can guide student examination of that content, explore it, play with it, and build on the student's everyday literacies, all within an academic focus.

The Bonus? Real World content doesn't stop when the bell sounds at the end of the day at School World!


Being drawn to curriculum activities in an endless partnership of Real and School world. How sweet is that?

We're glad you're drawn, too, Peter! If there is any other Real World content that you might be drawn to, please return to this site and share it with us. We want to draw as many people as possible into teaching from everyday literacies.

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