Sports Card Industrial Arts!

Real World content is the backbone of sports card Industrial Arts. Student skill sets from all the subject areas are integrated here in practical, skilled, and imaginative ways.

If one of your course objectives is to introduce your students to the history of a specific item – tools, pattern-making, design, plastics forming – you can always lead in with a sports card.

You might even work up a simple co-op project with, say, the history department. One project … two separate evaluations from two different points-of-view.
Time to show a colleague in a different subject area how much you each have in common!

A sports card provides a visual focus for student attention as well as a springboard into and from specific sets of tasks.

Set 1 Individual, Survey, Research, History, Design, Manufacture, Mechanicals

Choose a single piece of equipment shown on a sports card, from footwear to headgear to field equipment.
* How has this piece changed over the years in shape or weight or structural design? Why?
* In a series of annotated and labeled drawings, show how this piece has developed to present-day appearance and features.

Set 2 Survey, Data collection, Community Resources, Research, Presentation, Discussion

Using sports cards from one sport, compile a list of equipment that requires care and repair.
* Who repairs equipment during a game?
* What materials and skills are needed to keep equipment in playing order?
* What special tools are needed?
* What kinds of craftsmen are involved in maintaining equipment for your favorite local team?
* Arrange for the visit of a specialist in equipment repair or manufacture.
* Where does one receive training to do this work?

Set 3 Individual, Research, Design, Manufacture

Design a box to hold one set of cards from a single sheet of poster-board, light cardboard, or shaped plastic.

If you work with a subject teacher in another department, you each will identify the one or two subject-specific features you will each look for to assess a mark to record for the activity in your subject.

As a research topic with a sports card as the report format, you can double up on student interest and simplify your marking load.

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