Menu Review Writing!

Menu review writing involves many Real and School World skills - from recalling memories of foods to being able to recognize flavors and food components to being able to describe these in words.

Find and bring to class three restaurant reviews.

In a small group, examine what kinds of items the writers discuss.

    Make a list. These could include:
    * quality of food
    * menu clarity
    * prices
    * quality of service
    * ambiance
    * cleanliness
    * extra touches

Write a review of
* your next meal in the school cafeteria
* or favorite meal at home
* or your most memorable restaurant meal.

What features might you consider to include in your critique?
* On a scale of 1 to 5, what rating would you assign it?
* Share these with group, class.

Encourage adult students to start a restaurant review file for personal use. Each review can be summarized on 3 x 5 cards (or larger) for future reference.

These are fun to share and discuss and visit in a group.

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