Integrate Trading Cards
for that Bio!

You can integrate trading cards in a simple one-step by asking students to produce only one side of a card.


Next science unit, encourage students to create two sides of a single trading card about one of the scientists important to the area under study.

Front of card:

    * A border that features an image or motif relevant to person chosen or science studied

    * A sketch or photo of the person selected

Back of card:

    * Some statistics about the person in chart form

    * A two to three sentence biography that includes outstanding highlights

    * A question or riddle about the person on the card (with the answer written upside down)

The response might take the form of an actual 2.5 in X 3.5 in [6.5 cm X 9 cm] card or overhead transparency or computer presentation software slide.

This is a phenomenal research and composition project. It may change your life!

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