Print or Text?

When is it "print" and when is it "text"?

I use the words "print" and "text" interchangeably. I used to use "print" to actually mean printed words. Then I started using "print" to mean all things printed - printed words and printed graphics and images.

I notice you use print like that - to mean all things printed. You also use the word "text". Is this the same use? Text = all things printed?

Real World reply: The current term "text" includes a great deal more than the literal, lay use of the word, for sure! "Text" in our examples means a body or corpus of material that provides information. The corpus might actually be printed words or it might be a combination of words and images or all images or symbols.

The current term "text" connotes inclusivity that the older term "print" did not address clearly. It also implies academic application and study! For those of us interested in educational research and learning theory, it also captures a bit of growth in our understanding of meaning acquisition.

Using your very cool example... it's more a case of
Text = all things printed + studied as a corpus!

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